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Hernia Surgery

Are you suffering from a hernia and looking for a the best solution? Dr. Digant Pathak, Jabalpur’s leading laparoscopic and gastro surgeon, offers expert laparoscopic hernia surgery to provide you with a safe, effective, and quick recovery.


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About Hernia

What is Hernia and why does it happen?

A hernia occurs when an organ or tissue pushes through a weak spot in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall. This condition often presents as a visible bulge and can be painful or uncomfortable, especially when bending over, lifting heavy objects, or coughing.

Types of Hernia

What are the types of Hernia?

Understanding the types of hernia can help in identifying and treating them effectively:

Treating Hernia with

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Smaller Incisions

The surgery requires only small cuts, leaving fewer scars.

Less Pain

Smaller incisions result in less pain after the operation.

Quick Recovery

Patients heal faster and spend less time in the hospital.

Fewer Complications

Reduced risk of infections and other complications.

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Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery

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